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As a lab, we are often contacted by individuals who want to know if their drinking water is safe, but do not know what to test for. Unfortunately, we are not consultants and cannot advise clients on what to test for. To help clients identify their testing needs, we have compiled this list of resources on what is generally recommended.

Water Systems Council (WSC)

Water Systems Council (WSC) is a national, nonprofit organization solely focused on household wells and small water well systems. This organization has two useful resources, a hotline and a website.


The Wellcare® hotline can give individuals suggestions on what to test for. The Wellcare® Hotline phone number is 888-395-1033.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

The EPA’s website provides helpful information about ground water & drinking water regulations.

The EPA’s National Primary Drinking Water Regulations include an extensive list of contaminants that have health risks associated with them. This list is helpful when determining what to test for. Most contaminants on the list can be eliminated based on the common sources listed. 

Other informational brochures from the EPA:

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