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Sample Acceptance Policy

Samples submitted to Aqua-Tech Laboratories will be evaluated for the following documentation and suitability requirements:

Sample Collection
  • Use proper sample collection procedure and technique.

  • Samples must have adequate volume for the tests required.

  • Samples must be properly preserved to meet chemical and temperature requirements.

  • Samples must be received in holding time for the appropriate analyte. For analytes with short holding times (less than 48 hrs), the client must contact the lab prior to collecting the sample to confirm that the lab can accommodate the sample.

Sample Container & Labeling 
  • Sample containers must be in good condition.

  • No sample contamination evident.

  • Sample containers must be appropriate to the analysis. (i.e. glass, plastic, VOA vial, etc.)

  • The samples must be labeled in a legible manner. Indelible markings are required.

  • The sample label must include a unique ID and the documentation must use this ID as reference.

Chain-of-Custody Documentation 
  • Date and time of the sample collection.

  • Collector’s name, preservation type, matrix type, sample description, and volume

  • Container type (optional for non-regulatory samples)

  • Appropriate analysis, specific methodology, detection limits and any special remarks concerning the sample

  • The client must disclose in the documentation any known or suspected presence of any hazardous substances or conditions associated, as defined by applicable federal or state law.*

*If samples have not been given full required disclosure, and if the samples cause contamination of instruments or work areas, the client will be responsible for the costs of clean up and recovery.

Aqua-Tech may reject a sample based on the above requirements not being met, if they affect the integrity of the sample, or if they do not meet the requirement of the analytical method. Any sample that is analyzed, but did not meet holding time, preservation, container requirements, or any other condition that may compromise the results will be qualified on the report. 


In addition to the above requirements, Aqua-Tech may reject any sample that may pose a risk or become unsuitable for handling, transport, or processing for any reason. 


Prior to sample acceptance at Aqua-Tech, the entire risk of loss or damage to samples remains with the client, except where Aqua-Tech provides courier services. In no event will Aqua-Tech have any responsibility or liability for any misdoings of any third party carrier delivering any sample to or from Aqua-Tech’s premises. Clients are responsible to ensure that any sample containing any hazardous substance which is to be delivered to Aqua-Tech’s premises will be packaged, labeled, transported and delivered properly and in accordance with applicable laws.

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